How Can Fans Help With Your Air Conditioner’s Workload?

How Can Fans Help With Your Air Conditioner’s Workload?

Out of the walls of your home, the summer heat can feel like it is never-ending.  On the flip side, Indoors, your AC continues to keep functioning nonstop, maintaining that cool feel for you daily.


Want to present your air conditioner a helping hand or even a few helping hands?  It might be as straightforward as incorporating the twist of a knob or click of a button that will assist you in remaining more comfortable, in addition to helping you conserve electricity and money in the procedure.


Ceiling and oscillating fans do not offer cool air to the space but can be a little magical when it comes to the air inside your home.  They create a “wind chill effect” by transferring air across your body. It keeps down your temperature while enabling you to turn up the temperature on your own air conditioner.  This is how your AC system receives a break by balancing the air throughout your home.


While oscillating fans are mobile and operate well when you are stationary in 1 room, contemplating a ceiling fan is another alternative for those rooms in which you spend the best quantity of time.  Kitchens, dining room, family rooms, and bedrooms are likely candidates for ceiling fans circulating the airflow more.

air conditioning energy efficiency

Want a much more successful choice? Ever heard of an entire house fan?


They use much less energy than an air conditioner.  They’re best used throughout the colder times of the day — earlier in the morning and later at night — to help reduce air conditioning requirements.  

We know of two different types:


  • Ceiling mounted — all these are set up between your living room and the attic and exhaust air with the assistance of an attic fan.
  • Duct — these fans use ductwork to eliminate air from different spaces, ventilating the air directly out your property.  These are more silent than your traditions ceiling mounted fans.


If you are in need of HVAC services, get in touch with us and let us talk about better ways to be more energy efficient in your home and help you to produce a long-lasting air conditioning experience.

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Have You Bought Into These Home AC Myths?

Have You Bought Into These Home AC Myths?

Temperatures will rise, starting now till the peak of the summer season and you may have your home’s air conditioning system on the mind. For most people, they seldom give it a thought until it is time to turn the switch to stop the heat and let the cool air flowing.


When was the last time you scheduled a maintenance call, particularly for the ac system? For your ac unit to work at peak performance, a little tender loving care every year will make it run more efficiently.  Keep in mind, you may be working with a couple of myths in that are holding you back.


Air Conditioning Myth #1: Maintenance Include Refilling Refrigerant (That Can Be Expensive)


The simple fact of the matter is, if your refrigerant needs refilling (recharging) during a tune up coming off of the winter season, it is because there’s a leak in the system. If you have not used your system and are low, this more than likely means all or some has indeed leaked out. This can be fixed with ac repair services and is a great time to catch it before it all potentially is gone and wasted.  Refrigerant is not like windshield washer fluid in your car, where you need to maintain a gallon available and fill it up. While it’s a fantastic idea to make sure everything in your system is properly maintained, it’s to make sure your system is operating properly.

air conditioning maintenance

Air Conditioning Myth #2: Your “Existing” AC Unit Can Keep Running For Years


Like every appliance in your house, updates are made all the time, thanks to technological people continuing to make advancements in the HVAC industry.  


If you’ve got an old air conditioner, it may still utilize R-22 refrigerant, that has been proven to have harmful effects on the environment.  Unfortunately, R-22 is not being made in North America, however, you can still get recycled R-22 in case your older air conditioner requires a recharge.


But if your air conditioning unit uses this old and obsolete refrigerant, your unit is most likely not working efficiently.  By updating to a new air conditioner, you may immediately capitalize on the benefits by having a more efficient ac system, which reduces how much you really spend in your utility bills each month.


By 2020, R-22 will no more be accessible in any way.  How old is your air conditioner? Would you benefit from updating your AC this year?

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Bethel Concerts // Social Judgment Theory & The Elaboration Likelihood Model

Bethel Concerts // Social Judgment Theory & The Elaboration Likelihood Model

I attended a Bethel concert Saturday night ((it was fabulous, by the way)).

When the Brian and Jenn Johnson pulled out stools and a
hightop table to share for a few minutes, the crowd eagerly sat down and soaked
up their story like sponges under a faucet. Everyone there was not only thrilled
to hear Bethel sing, but they also couldn’t wait to receive the couple’s
message as well.

Social Judgment Theory is a COMS theory that attempts to explain how receivers respond and react to speakers’ messages. According to the theory, every person’s mind has an “attitude scale” that ranges from approval to disapproval. When a person hears a message, he or she immediately places that message on his or her attitude scale based upon their level of approval.

Our attitude scales have three zones: the latitude of
acceptance, the latitude of rejection, and the latitude of non-commitment. If a
message is placed in the latitude of acceptance, that means the receiver of the
message deems the idea to be worthy of continued thought and consideration. If
the message is placed in the latitude of rejection, the receiver deems the
message to be unreasonable, objectionable, and unworthy of continued thought. Finally,
messages placed in the latitude of non-commitment are deemed as being neither acceptable
or objectionable. In other words, the receiver is ambivalent or apathetic
towards the message.

As we place the messages we receive on our attitude scales,
we also think through the Elaboration Likelihood Model. The Elaboration
Likelihood Model places our thought patterns on two tracks: the central route
and the peripheral route. If we allow a message to travel through our central
route, we choose to elaborate on and think critically about that message. On
the other hand, if we allow a message to travel through our peripheral route,
we intentionally decide that we don’t want to think critically about the
message we received.

When we think through the central route, we subconsciously
ask ourselves three questions:

1. “Is this central to my

2. “Do I think about it a lot?”

3. “Does my attitude toward this
help define who I am?”

However, I would like to suggest that the aesthetic of culture
(in this case, the aesthetic of concerts) encourages us to lean positively towards
various messages before we even hear them.

When I went to the Bethel concert, pretty much everyone
there had spent money from their paycheck on a ticket to hear the band perform
live. They wanted to hear what the
band had to say, and they wanted to
listen to the words and messages of the songs and the story. The concert was
split into three sections: a session of worship, a time of teaching/discussion,
and another session of worship. With your favorite worship songs bookending a
time of spiritual sharing, who wouldn’t be inclined to listen to the message at

As both speakers and listeners, we must learn to steward the aesthetic around us when we speak and when we listen. We must notice that music affects our emotions, and we must recognize that our status and position affect our credibility. Think about the concerts you’ve attended; most artists use transition times to share their stories and their life lessons with the crowds, building up to key songs and key messages they hope to share. Because people come to the event ready to listen and participate, they are incredibly likely to place the messages they receive on their latitude of acceptance simply because they want to be part of the movement, a representative and a fan of the artist they love so much ( think about it- belonging to the cultural aesthetic of the music world is a key part of pop culture- music influences EVERYTHING). There’s nothing wrong with being inclined to listen to some messages over others, but whether you’re at a concert on in a classroom, be wary of accepting messages before thinking critically about them.

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